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Psychiatric Care Goal

The goal of this blog is to provide interesting, informative, and sometimes entertaining content in the areas of Kansas City mental health, behavioral healthcare, and related fields.  I will try to include not only articles and links, but also original content from our psychiatric providers and those who work closely with our patients.  Whether it is an article about bipolar disorder, something on the healing powers of yoga, or how a particular program we have at Signature Psychiatric Hospital of NKC seems to be helping a particular population, we want to be a resource to anyone interested in learning more.  Information leads to education.

Mental Illness – Not a Stigma in Kansas City

Mental illness still carries with it a stigma not seen in other areas of healthcare.  If a person has leukemia, he/she would most likely  get support from family, friends, and community.  Community members might provide meals for the family during treatment or hospitalization, friends might babysit the children, and co-workers might even shave their heads in support.  However, if a patient has a substance abuse problem or has isolated him/herself due to a crushing depression,  the support of family and friends is often absent.  Perhaps because a mental or behavioral illness is still seen by some to be a weakness or character flaw rather than an organic, chemically based condition like cancer.  Most of those afflicted by it are disinclined to make it public.  So often times, one of these patients gets amazing support and a 5K in his/her honor, and the other, in no less pain, is paralyzed by illness and shrouded in anonymity.  Two potentially catastrophic illnesses, both affecting the patients and their family’s significantly.  Unfortunately, in some cases, to the uninformed, one might be seen as the victim of a disease and the other contributing to its cause.

Education is the key to ending the stigma suffered by people with mental illness.  That is what this is all about.  If you see an article, website, or even a video that looks worthwhile, please share it.

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