Standard Services Thank You

The following is the list price charged by Signature Psychiatric Hospital for services provided by the hospital and/or the physicians. The room & board charges will be billed by Signature Psychiatric Hospital while the physician/nurse practitioner services are billed by the physicians. Both Signature Psychiatric Hospital and the physician/nurse practitioner maintain active provider contracts with the majority of all health insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and TriCare and Champus. Call Signature Psychiatric Hospital for more information about a specific insurance plan: 816-691-5101 Admissions.

Charges are not a reflection of patient or provider responsibility. Cost of services are subject to change based on the complexity of the case. If you (or the individual receiving services at Signature Psychiatric Hospital) are covered a major health insurance plan, Signature Psychiatric Hospital will submit a claim on your behalf to have your services paid directly by one or more of these third-party payers. If you and/or the patient are not covered by one of these plans, you will be charged the below fees, or a discounted rate that is no less than what Signature Psychiatric Hospital would be paid by Medicare. If you are unable to pay for the charges, Signature Psychiatric Hospital financial counselors are available to talk with you about alternate payment methods such as by credit cards or payment plans.

Room and Board Charges

The Room & Board charge is a per-diem amount that covers the room charge, all nursing services, most medication, food and some therapy charges not billed as part of professional services. This charge is billed for each day, beginning with the date of admission, and each new day begins at 12:01 am. The date of discharge is not billed.

Physician Services

Physician Services are diagnostic and/or therapeutic services provided by a Licensed Professional such as a Psychiatrist, Physician or Nurse Practitioner. The amount of professional services provided to each patient will vary and will be dependent upon the specific needs of each patient. For all patients that are admitted at Signature Psychiatric Hospital, at a minimum, the Psychiatrist will perform a psychiatric evaluation and the primary care physician or nurse practitioner will provide a history/physical exam. Each of these will occur within the first 24-48 hours following admission to Signature Psychiatric Hospital. After those initial assessments and exams, the average patient will be seen by a Psychiatrist 5-6 times per week for follow-up visits. Intensity may be more or less dependent upon need. Physician fees are billed separately.

Standard Services Thank You