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Heroin is an illegal opioid drug made from morphine, which is a natural substance that comes from the seed pod of opium poppy plants.  

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that when someone uses heroin, they typically feel a surge of pleasure that fades quickly, and it’s not uncommon for them to need even more heroin to experience the same rush as before. This often creates a dangerous cycle in which a person keeps using greater amounts of heroin until they develop an addiction or suffer from an overdose. 

Signature Psychiatric Hospital provides personalized inpatient treatment for people who are struggling with heroin addictions. With locations in North Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri, we can help patients find their unique paths to recovery. 

Signs & Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

The signs and symptoms of heroin addiction vary from person to person. Some people might act differently than usual, while others might suffer from various physical and emotional symptoms. These are common signs and symptoms of heroin addiction: 

  • Dry mouth  
  • Narrowed pupils 
  • Intense itchiness 
  • Warm flushing of the skin 
  • Arms and legs feel heavy 
  • Stomach cramps and constipation 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Trouble thinking clearly 
  • Alternately wakeful and drowsy 

If a person is showing any signs and symptoms of a heroin addiction, it’s crucial for them to get a professional assessment to determine whether they need treatment. 

Heroin Addiction Statistics

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported the following statistics about heroin addiction based on the results of a 2020 survey on substance use and health in the United States: 

  • Around 902,000 people age 12 and older used heroin in the previous year. 
  • When broken down by age group, the survey results showed that 84,000 adults age 26 and older and 62,000 young adults ages 18-25 used heroin during that same time. 
  • Around 103,000 people age 12 and older started using heroin in the previous year. 
  • Again, when broken down by age group, the survey results showed that 91,000 people age 26 and older and 12,000 young adults ages 18-25 started using heroin during that same time. 

Potential Effects of Heroin Addiction

A heroin addiction can have devastating effects on a person’s life. While this can happen in different ways, there are some negative consequences that are common among people who have heroin addictions. Effects of a heroin addiction can include: 

  • Collapsed veins  
  • Liver and kidney disease 
  • Heart and lung problems 
  • Skin infections and abscesses 
  • Damaged tissue inside the nose 
  • Diseases like HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis 
  • Death from accidents, overdose, or violence 
  • Development of a mental health condition 
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions or death by suicide 

The effects of a heroin addiction can damage a person’s health, relationships, and career. But with the right treatment, they can overcome their battle with a heroin addiction and start living the life they truly deserve. 

The Benefits of Heroin Addiction Treatment

Admitting that you need treatment for a heroin addiction takes courage, and it’s an important first step toward regaining control from a dangerous disease. 

When you get heroin addiction treatment, you’ll work with experts who can help you get to the root of your struggles with a heroin addiction. You can also learn healthier ways to cope with painful memories and emotions instead of turning to heroin. 

Seeking heroin addiction treatment may also show you that you are not alone. You may meet others who have had similar struggles with heroin addictions, which can make the recovery process feel less isolating.  

Therapies Used to Treat Heroin Addiction

When you find the right place to get heroin addiction treatment, it can be life-changing. Everyone who seeks heroin addiction treatment at Signature Psychiatric Hospital can receive care that is tailored to meet them wherever they are on their recovery journey. 

Our highly experienced team will take the time to identify the therapies and services that can best prepare you for success. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may start heroin addiction treatment with our on-site medical detoxification services. 

If the members of your care team determine that you may benefit from a prescription medication like Vivitrol, Suboxone, or naltrexone, they may add one of these medications to your plan as part of our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program, which is available for adult patients. 

Your heroin addiction treatment plan may also include: 

  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Medication management 
  • Basic medical services 

We primarily use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the 12 Steps of recovery in our heroin addiction treatment programming. Our staff is committed to empowering our patients to be active participants in their recovery, so you can expect to work closely with your care team throughout your time at our heroin addiction treatment center in Liberty or North Kansas City, Missouri. 

Why Choose Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center?

At Signature Psychiatric Hospital, we know how hard it can be to reach out for help when you’re struggling with a heroin addiction. We are committed to providing a heroin addiction treatment place where people feel safe, welcome, and respected. 

When you choose our heroin addiction treatment centers in North Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri, you can benefit from care delivered by a multidisciplinary team of experts. This may include licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, medical doctors, and registered nurses. 

These professionals, and the other compassionate people who comprise our staff, are committed to creating an environment that promotes healing and recovery. With the support of the team at Signature Psychiatric Hospital, you can find lasting recovery from a heroin addiction. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Signature Psychiatric Hospital.   

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