Kansas City, Missouri’s Preferred Program for Adult Inpatient Treatment

At Signature Psychiatric Hospital, we are committed to supporting our patients as they heal from addictions and mental health concerns. We provide inpatient treatment at two locations in North Kansas City, Missouri, and Liberty, Missouri. We offer a full continuum of care that, for many patients, begins with our inpatient programs. 

Adult Inpatient Program Overview

We offer inpatient dual diagnosis treatment at both our North Kansas City and Liberty locations in two unique program tracks: 

  • An inpatient psychiatric program for adults who have mental health concerns  
  • An inpatient detoxification program for adults who have substance use disorders and need support during the detox process before they transition to a lower level of care 

In our inpatient psychiatric program, you can receive compassionate care from our multidisciplinary staff to help you stabilize and manage your immediate behavioral health needs. You may also work to identify available support systems and build coping skills that can help you as you move forward in your healing journey. 

Patients who have substance use concerns and need detox enter treatment through our inpatient psychiatric program. Nurses are available 24/7 to administer Vivitrol, naltrexone, and Suboxone to help patients safely withdraw from opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and other substances. 

Patients typically spend between seven and 10 days at our inpatient treatment center, and this short-term experience can help you address crisis needs, access immediate support from qualified professionals, and receive a plan for continuing care. 

Who We Treat

Signature Psychiatric Hospital offers inpatient treatment programs for adults age 18 and older who are struggling with mental illnesses and substance use disorders. When you seek treatment at one of our two campuses, our compassionate staff will work with you to understand your unique needs and strengths. We will ask about your medical and mental health treatment history and develop a customized care plan to suit you.  

At our leading behavioral health hospital, we provide care for a wide range of mental health concerns, including: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Psychosis 

We also provide care for people who are struggling with addictions and need medical detox services. Trained medical staff members monitor patients throughout the detox process and can administer medications to help ease the withdrawal process, making it easier for patients to focus on long-term recovery. 

Patients typically remain in our inpatient program for seven to 10 days depending on their unique needs and can receive access to individual, family, and group therapies and other personalized services as needed.  

Therapies & Services

At Signature Psychiatric Hospital, we understand that patients often have a range of physical and behavioral needs when they seek care with us. Our inpatient psychiatric and inpatient detox programs offer multiple services and therapies to support those needs, including:  

  • Basic medical care provided by our nursing staff 
  • Medication management services, which can include daily meetings with a psychiatrist  
  • Individual, family, and group therapies led by social workers and therapists 

In our adult inpatient programs, one of our primary treatment methods is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of therapy that helps patients recognize and confront negative thought patterns and replace them with more positive ones. In therapy, social workers utilize CBT to guide discussions on relapse prevention strategies, enhancing motivation, and how to develop healthy coping skills and habits. 

We also incorporate the 12-Step model of recovery in our group therapies. In a 12-Step program, patients who have dual diagnosis concerns can meet with a supportive community of peers who understand the challenges they’re facing. By connecting with others, patients can reduce feelings of isolation and find a sense of belonging. 12-Step programs also provide structure and accountability so that patients can address mental health concerns and substance use disorders simultaneously. 

Your time in inpatient care may also include family meetings, which are designed to provide education and facilitate discussion among patients and their families.  

Continuing Care

Inpatient treatment is often the initial step in someone’s healing journey. However, moving from a structured environment to independent living can be challenging. At Signature Psychiatric Hospital, we provide a continuum of care that ensures a smooth transition from one level of care to another, minimizing disruptions and encouraging continued healing. 

We believe that effective care considers each stage of a patient’s healing journey. Beginning day 1 of treatment, our expert staff develops comprehensive and individualized discharge plans that may include resources such as step-down and outpatient mental healthcare services, family support groups, psychiatry services, and therapy sessions. 

Patients who complete our inpatient detox program have the opportunity to enter our Changing Pointe program, which is located at our North Kansas City campus. This program offers detox, residential, and partial hospitalization programming (PHP) that is designed to provide continuing support for patients who struggle with addiction and need help reintegrating into the community.  

During your time at Signature, we will encourage you to actively participate in your care and continue working toward long-term healing after you leave our hospital. Our committed staff strives to provide transformative healing experiences to inspire patients long after their treatment is complete. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Signature Psychiatric Hospital 

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