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Prescription drugs can provide valuable benefits when taken as directed by your physician. However, using a prescription drug incorrectly or for nonmedical reasons may put you at risk for negative outcomes, including health complications and substance use disorders, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 

Signature Psychiatric Hospital, which has locations in North Kansas City, Missouri, and Liberty, Missouri, offers specialized treatment for adolescents and adults who are struggling with addictions to benzodiazepines as well as prescription opioids. At our prescription drug addiction treatment center, we work with each patient to help them acquire the tools they may need to achieve a healthier life. 

Prescription Drug Addiction Signs & Symptoms

The specific signs and symptoms of a prescription drug addiction can vary depending on the type of drug involved. At Signature, we support people who are struggling with the use of prescription drugs such as Xanax, Valium, hydrocodone, and OxyContin. 

Prescription drug addiction signs and symptoms can include: 

  • Strong cravings to use the drug 
  • Problems fulfilling work, school, or household responsibilities 
  • Continuing to use the drug despite the harm it causes 
  • Taking more of the drug than intended and struggling to cut down on use 
  • Giving up important activities 
  • Getting prescriptions from multiple doctors 
  • Stealing or borrowing prescription medication 
  • Needing a higher dose to experience the same effects  
  • Putting one’s physical safety at risk, for example while using or acquiring the drug 
  • Poor coordination 
  • Confusion 
  • Feeling drowsy 
  • Sudden changes in mood 

If you are experiencing prescription drug addiction symptoms, seeking treatment and receiving appropriate care can help you regain control of your life. At a qualified treatment place such as Signature Psychiatric Hospital, you can access professional support and focus on getting better.  

Prescription Drug Addiction Statistics

NIDA reports the following statistics on prescription drug abuse in the United States: 

  • Among people age 12 and older in 2020, about 4.8 million people (1.7%) misused benzodiazepines in the previous year.  
  • Among the same age group in 2020, about 9.3 million people (3.3%) misused prescription pain relievers in the previous year. 
  • In a 2021 survey, 4.4% of 12th grade students reported misusing any prescription drug in the previous year. Among 12th graders, 0.9% reported misusing Vicodin, and the same percentage reported misusing OxyContin. 

Possible Effects of Prescription Drug Addiction

Struggling with a prescription drug addiction can affect many areas of your life, from work and personal relationships to your physical and mental health. The effects of a prescription drug addiction can also be life-threatening, and this risk can increase if you abuse prescription drugs with other substances.  

The harmful effects of a prescription drug addiction can include: 

  • Illegal behavior 
  • Accidents and injuries 
  • Legal problems 
  • Strained relationships  
  • Decreased performance at work or in school 
  • Health complications 
  • Risk-taking behavior 
  • Depression 
  • Overdoses and medical emergencies 
  • Higher risk for suicide 

However, with treatment, you can take steps toward a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling life. If you seek care at Signature, our assessment counselors will work with you to complete a detailed assessment that will help us determine whether our treatment center is right for you.  

Therapies Used in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment for a prescription drug addiction may draw on a range of therapies and services, depending on the needs of the individual. For example, individual therapy, detoxification, group counseling, and addiction education might all play a role in someone’s treatment plan.  

Adults can begin the process of long-term recovery at Signature’s inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment center, where we focus on providing on-site medical detox services along with counseling support, medical care, and medication management services. 

During inpatient detox, our nursing staff provides 24/7 support so that patients can withdraw from the substances they have been using in a safe, supervised environment. For someone who is struggling with a prescription drug addiction, detox can be a critical step toward a safe and lasting recovery.  

Therapies Used in Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

The most effective therapies for treating a benzo addiction will typically depend on the needs of the individual.

Signature Psychiatric Hospital offers a range of interventions that can meet your unique needs. These may include:

  • Medical care and medication management services
  • Individual and family therapies
  • Group therapies addressing a range of topics, including substance use disorders, relapse prevention, and co-occurring mental health disorders

Your treatment plan may also draw on modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the 12-Step model of recovery.

Additionally, at Signature Psychiatric Hospital, your personalized discharge plan can play a key role in your ongoing recovery. At Signature, your continuing care may include stepping down to a lower level of treatment at our facility or receiving recommendations for community support services.

Benefits of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Suffering from a prescription drug addiction can lead to many challenging emotions, such as shame, hopelessness, and a sense of isolation. However, with treatment, you can rediscover hope and a meaningful path forward. 

Counseling sessions can provide many benefits: You might gain insight into the addiction you have been struggling with, learn skills to help you rebuild relationships, and create a plan for your long-term recovery.  

At Signature, you can also benefit from our supportive and holistic approach to addiction treatment. In our structured treatment settings, you can focus your full attention on recovery and connect with a community of peers who may share similar experiences.

Choosing the Right Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center

It might feel scary and overwhelming to consider the possibility that you’re suffering from a prescription drug addiction. But the benefits of seeking help and receiving the care you may need can be life-changing.  

If you’re searching for prescription drug addiction treatment, it can be helpful to keep the following questions in mind:  

  • Does the treatment center offer individualized care that can address my unique needs? 
  • Will I have access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals to guide my treatment? 
  • Does the treatment center offer the appropriate level or levels of care for me? 
  • Will I receive a personalized discharge plan so that I can get focused support after treatment ends? 

When you receive care at Signature, your treatment team of qualified professionals, which can include doctors, nurses, and social workers, will work to understand your unique needs so that they can provide customized care at each step of the treatment process.  

Signature Psychiatric Hospital, which has locations in Liberty, Missouri, and North Kansas City, Missouri, offers multiple levels of addiction care along with discharge planning that is designed to support you as you transition to the next stage of your recovery journey.  

At the core of our treatment philosophy is a belief in the capabilities of our patients and our staff. We aim to meet you where you are and help you lay a foundation for a brighter future.  

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Signature Psychiatric Hospital.   

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