Employee of the Year Award 2020

Janet LaGue Employee of the Year

Janet is a phenomenal employee who cares about Signature as a whole. She provides a helping hand to anyone in need. Janet has made her presence known to many people and departments.

Although she has departed from her role as outpatient secretary, Janet has continued to aid that department. She has continuously trained new outpatient secretaries and managers. She has created training material for the outpatient secretary role. Janet has helped keep outpatient functional when the secretary role is vacant. She has performed two outpatient cleanup projects. She got everything in order prior to the new secretary starting. While helping outpatient, Janet continued to excel in her normal role.

Janet has been a wonderful addition to the HIS department. She has completed almost a year’s worth of Mindlinc chart analysis in a few months. Janet is constantly growing her knowledge of department workflow. She can prep and scan both inpatient and outpatient charts, including Valor and TMS. She has mastered sending PHI and assists with 3rd Party releases as needed. She was crucial in getting PHI caught up and sent within 5 days of discharge at the start of our COVID pandemic. Janet has been flexible with her workspace and goes wherever she is needed. Janet cares about everyone on her team and is always looking for new ways to be helpful. Our team respects and appreciates everything Janet has to contribute. She is truly one of a kind.

Here are a few things that her team has to say about her:

“I would like to commend Janet for her great work ethic. She always has such a positive attitude and is willing to work and solve problems that develops better solutions. If she is unable to figure it out, she will find someone to help. Anytime I need her to help me with anything she does it with a great attitude. Her energy lifts everyone around her. She is a great asset to our team and for that I am truly grateful.”
-Iliana Willis
HIS Release of Information Clerk

“Janet always comes to work with a smile on her face. She is willing to jump in and help with any problem, she is reliable, trustworthy, and has great attention to detail. She’s the best!”
-Abby Rose
Lead HIS Clerk

Whether she is at the reception desk providing break coverage, at the fax machine sending PHI or in the therapist office filing loose sheets, Janet is helping someone. For these reasons and many more, Janet deserves Employee of the Year

Nominated by: Darrenea Jones, RHIA
Director of HIM and PI